eCaseNotes is a cloud-based service

The great part about our eCaseNotes case management software is that there is no major capital outlay to start working in the system!

Our team will get your company setup to use eCaseNotes and contact you when you are ready to begin. Throughout the setup process, we will be in constant contact with your company to collect the necessary information to build your company’s eCaseNotes profile.

After the initial setup, we will continue to be available while you and your counselors & staff are becoming familiar with using the eCaseNotes platform. For the next few weeks, we will provide phone and email support to answer questions and get key personnel trained in every aspect of eCaseNotes.

Once everyone is trained, your team will be more productive and efficient than ever before.



Schedule a demo with us!

eCaseNotes is so encompassing, you really have to see it to understand how much of a difference it will make. That's why we offer an on site demonstration where we cover everything from setup to completing your billing cycle. These typically take 2-4 hours depending on the services you are interested in (DFCS, CORE/Tier).

Once you decide that eCaseNotes is right for you, we offer an additional on site training so that you can hit the ground running and begin improving your efficiency immediately. These training sessions can be scheduled for as soon as the day following your demo!

To schedule a demo, please follow the link below and submit a contact form or call us. We understand that your schedules are always changing and that's why we are incredibly flexible. We will work with any schedule to make sure everyone on your team is properly trained.