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eCaseNotes offers solutions

eCaseNotes was born out of necessity.  Providers all over the state of Georgia were spending weeks pulling together billing reports for DFCS and spending hundreds of hours sifting through all the information required for state invoices just to have an error kick it back.

eCaseNotes listens

The eCaseNotes team has traveled thousands of miles to visit with providers to get an idea of how they could help automate the process and give them back their time. Everyday, our team strives to make eCaseNotes easier to use and more efficient. We appreciate your feedback and want to know what we could do to make your experience excellent.

eCaseNotes is simple

Our founders' background in lean manufacturing drives eCaseNotes to be the most efficient billing service with the least resources. That's why we use innovative cloud technology that requires no extra equipment! This means you can get started immediately and there's no extra hardware costs!

eCaseNotes supports

Our team understands that big changes can seem daunting. That's why we offer 24/7 support. We thoroughly train your team and we are always here to help when issues arise. We don't outsource our support. You will always be able to reach a team leader with intimate knowledge of the product.