DFCS Features


Before eCaseNotes I had three people who worked on billing all month long. Now I only have one person who works on the billing, which has saved me more money than I am paying for eCaseNotes.

-Sharon Wolfe

DFCS services have automated the process of filling out state invoices, cutting the time it takes to complete them by 90%.

eCaseNotes offers fully automated maps and mileage as well as internal notes and authorization uploads. This means your case workers can spend more time helping and less time organizing – we do that for you.

Not only do we auto-fill your invoices with the information your case worker provides, we also validate those invoices. That ensures that the information you are sending is accurate. You will receive automated alerts when something is amiss.

Our software is incredibly secure. Tiered security means every person’s eCaseNotes account is customized for their role. Dashboards and reports make practice management easier.

If you are interested in seeing how eCaseNotes can help, set up a demo with us using the Schedule a Demo button. Our on-site demos are a great way to show you how our service can benefit your practice! Our service is flexible and customizable ensuring you get exactly what you need and more.