Now Available in the App Store

After months of research and input, eCaseNotes is leaving the office with our brand-new product, eCaseNotes Mobile. That’s right, no more waiting until you are in the office to access the information that you need to do your job. Now it is right in the palm of your hand, making you more productive and efficient than ever before.

The eCaseNotes Mobile App is now available to download for FREE in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Just as there is a per month user charge for access to the portal, there will be $5 per charge per user per month for access from the new mobile product. This per user charge will begin March 1, 2020.

Just imagine improving performance, improving morale, improving accuracy, and reducing invoice rejections due to mileage inaccuracies, for only $5 per user per month! eCaseNotes Mobile will change how case management is performed!

The initial release of eCaseNotes Mobile includes:

Access to all patient data, including:

Access to all Case Data, including:

Fraud prevention mileage entry for anyone billing mileage

Push notifications directly to your mobile device for the following areas:

User profile maintenance. Staff will be able to:

Administer DFCS Surveys that are required when a case is ending

Access their message center to stay on top of what is happening with their cases

Access company documents anytime, anywhere

Future releases may include:

Quick Notes

The ability to speak your note while you are in the field. This would not be the complete note, but the quick note would be “imported” into the complete note once entered in the portal.

Patient Mode

This would be a different design specifically for patients that would allow access to appointments, include a messaging feature (for Tier customers) to allow private messaging between the patient and their therapist, and allow access to certain patient information.

Clinic Mode

This would be a different mode for companies that operate their own clinics. It would allow patients to check in, allow patients to verify the information needed before each visit, and allow patients to sign all required documentation for intake.

Note: this list is subject to change without notice.