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I just wanted to share with you the difference that ECASENOTES has made in our company. Before ECASENOTES I had three people who worked on billing all month long. The first week of the month was extremely hectic trying to pull all the notes together from counselors emailing their work to us, manually preparing the invoices to be sent out to the state agencies that we provide services for, and preparing payroll from invoices that the counselors sent to us by email and fax. Just thinking about it now sends shivers down my spine.

But all of that has changed. Since ECASENOTES my billing is being completed by the 5th of the month. The invoices to the state agencies are done automatically by ECASENOTES; the progress notes are all in ECASENOTES to be printed out to attach to the billing; and counselor's invoices are automatically generated by ECASENOTES. And by the way, I only have one person who works on the billing now which has saved me more money than I am paying for ECASENOTES.

Another advantage that we have seen with ECASENOTES is that there are no mistakes on the invoices now so we are receiving our reimbursements in less time. ECASENOTES has also given us a professional "look" that we did not have before. I can not fully explain how ECASENOTES has turned things around for our company. I have found though that the key to this being such an effective program is that it is extremely user friendly and the customer services is awesome. I would recommend ECASENOTES and your company to anyone.
Sharon W
"I really like your new billing program, ECASENOTES.

I like how the service is listed along with each child's name, hours billed for and the total. It is much improved over past billing."
Patti E
I currently work for S/S Wolfe Counseling and I am the one who prepares the billing for the state contracts. Since ECASENOTES I work one day a week running reports, checking on compliance with contract requirements, and printing off progress notes. Before ECASENOTES I was spending most of my week doing the same thing. Preparing the billing now is a task that I no longer dread.

I am happy to recommend ECASENOTES to anyone who is responsible for making a business run smoothly. ECASENOTES is the program that has made that happen for me. I don't know how we did it before ECASENOTES.
Shelly A